List of Belly Fat Burning Foods

A Quick List of Belly Fat Burning Foods

Today I am going to provide a list of belly fat burning foods. Also coming up soon I will add a post with a list of fat burning exercises.

As I’ve said before I like to work smart not hard whenever possible. No matter how you slice it fat loss is still a lot of work. I have found that there are some fat burning foods that at least make it a little bit easier. The best part is that these diet boosting foods are staples for most people. It’s not like they are some crazy food you have to force yourself to eat.

First on the list are lean proteins such as chicken, salmon, tuna or even lean beef. These foods that are very high in lean protein help to burn fat. The body has to work harder to digest proteins. Lean proteins also are an essential building block of muscle.

Next on the list of fat burning foods the egg, eggs offer high protein content similar to the lean proteins. They also are full of vitamins that can help in burning fat. Eggs can be very helpful in boosting metabolism. Egg whites can be a great choice to reduce fat and cholesterol while still benefiting from this perfect protein. I prefer egg whites with maybe one whole egg for a little extra taste.

The list goes on and on but for now I will add just one more to this list of belly fat burning foods. Olive oil, that’s right Olive oil can help to burn fat. It is easy to incorporate in pretty much any of your cooking. Quite frankly it tastes better than other oils to.

Perhaps I will add to this list or make a follow-up post that lists weight loss foods that can help boost your fat burning when I have some time. If you need more now check out this great fat burning diet.

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