Combating a Major Weight Loss Obstacle in 2011

Recently I have undergone some major setbacks in my weight loss journey. I began taking a new medication that has weight gain as a common side effect on top of that I got a bit out of control with the holidays. I believe there was more to it though. I got cocky.

As of Thanksgiving which was November 25 2010 I had lost 90 pounds this was an incredible achievement for me. I was on top of the world. As of December 20 I had gained 20 pounds back and my loss was down to only seventy pounds. In less than a month I had wasted all of that hard work.

As I said the medication was a major part. That is still no justification. Instead of adjusting the things I could control to compensate for the effects of the medication I continued on the same path I was on. Also I partook in way too much of the holiday goodies. All told I feel I’m pretty lucky to have only gained 20 pounds, but it is still nonetheless heartbreaking when I jump on the scale.

I think a major part of my problem was that I became cocky. Somehow because of the amount of weight I had lost I had convinced myself that it had been easy. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it is not easy. Of course in theory it is simple but the execution is far from easy.

With that attitude I became complacent and had convinced myself that I was destined to lose the weight no matter what. I think this can be a trap that any of us can fall into. It is important to never forget the struggle that losing weight is. It is important to believe that you can do it, but to not forget that it will take work. Never get to the point of thinking reaching your goal is a given.

I don’t know maybe this is not a common problem for others but it is something I have dealt with in the past too. It was definitely a wakeup call for me. I have readjusted and am happy to say that in the last week I have dropped 8 pounds bringing my total loss back up to 78 pounds.

With the New Year I am going to redesign and move fat burning spot in a new direction. I have recommitted myself to following a fat burning diet and will be posting more frequently about my successes failures and much more.

Here’s to great weight loss in 2011 for me and everyone else. Let it be more than a resolution that you give up on after a few weeks. Make your 2011 resolution a commitment to a complete lifestyle change. Remember don’t get cocky.

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