Drew Carey Weight Loss Good For Him

Drew Carey lost a good bit of weight. I read somewhere better than 70 pounds. That’s great and I have to give props to Drew on that. I don’t watch the price is right, but I used to love the Drew Carey show. He says he did it all with no carbs and more exercise, if that worked for him great.

I personally think low carb or no carb diets suck. They are not easy to follow long term. They can be great to lose weight quickly, however the weight doesn’t usually stay off for long and it brings back more with it. Also eating no carbs really stalls the building of muscle, lean muscle adds to metabolism so I feel making  smart carb choices is a much better alternative.

The other thing that I feel goes hand in hand with this. Drew looks like crap and he looks older. While losing weight is not just about looks getting healthier is much more important why not strive for both. Get proper nutrition exercise right and don’t aim for that sunken skin look that he ended up with.

I’m not dogging Drew Carey like I said I am a fan. Losing that much weight is no small feat I know from experience. I just think if he did truly lose weight in that method it probably won’t stay off. A complete fat burning system that incorporates fat burning exercises and a fat burning diet is a much more sustainable form of weight loss that won’t give you that sunken in kind of twirpy look.

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