Fat Burning Diet – A follow up on the sabotage

Another funny story about fat burn sabotage my mom, who I love dearly, came home the other day with pretzel M&M’s to try. She said she would hide them if I wanted her too. I love me some chocolate once in a while. I told her not to worry about it. Boy I can be a schmuck now and again. I figured 180 calories, I could try them out. I counted out 17 of them the serving size. I ate about 3 and realized they were terrible. Did I stop eating them? No. Even though these pretzel M&M’s pretty much were a poor substitute for decent chocolate I stood there like a hog and munched down all 17 of them. I also found myself picking at a few here and a few there. I’m still not sure why.

Now I know the last thing she would want to do is hurt my efforts in working to burn fat and build muscle, I should have just let her hide them somewhere. When I say sabotage I don’t mean to imply any sort of malice or intentional diet sabotage, but what does the scale or my belt care of intentions.

Once again I feel the best way to conquer the occasional junk cravings is to partake occasionally. I mean burning fat and building muscle is not easy. Sometimes I just have to let go. When I do though I make sure it is something quality that I enjoy. If I’m going to eat some chocolate once in a while. I’ll take a few squares of the extra dark Ghirardelli or Lindt screw the M&Ms.

If someone in your home does like to partake in food that hinders your fat burning goals kindly ask them to place them somewhere where temptation will not be as strong.

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