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fat burning recipesTry Healthy Fat Burning Recipes for Results

I know I’ve said it many times here; I am definitely a results oriented “dieter.” If I was going to follow a good weight loss plan I needed great fat burning recipes. I tried to figure out where I went wrong in my past fat loss adventures. I mean I’ve been on this roller coaster on and off for a very long time. I was about twelve the first time I went to the big WW. That didn’t go well at all. I could list all the diets I’ve tried and failed with over the twenty years since then. What’s the point though?

I figured that 2 of the major flaws with typical diets involved the menus. First are the diet plans that told me to eat food that was essentially tasteless over and over. On these types of plans I would be so sick of eating the recommended food over and over again and I would cheat by the end of week 2. There went that fat loss plus some. The other diet plans that I felt encouraged failure were the ones that allowed way too many choices of the fattening variety.  I mean in theory on some of these point programs I could eat candy bars everyday and still follow the diet to the letter. Of course the Hershey bar a day diet was never very successful for me. I knew there was a better way and utilizing healthy fat burning foods would be a major part of it.

So I needed a solution. I needed recipes that burned fat. I needed variety, but not justification to eat sweets every day. Most of all I needed not to be called fat ass any more. For at least once in my life I wanted to be able to walk in somewhere and not feel like everyone was looking at me thinking look at that slob. I dreamed that I could actually go swimming again it had been so many years since I had been in the ocean or even a pool. Mainly because I wouldn’t even think of taking my shirt off in public. Something that I wished for even more was to no longer have the fear of being intimate with someone. The fear of someone seeing me naked for the first was almost a crippling one. I needed something that worked for me.

I thought I could get away with just eating chicken breast and low carb vegetables every meal. That may have worked, but even with the levels of motivation I had there was no way I could follow something that strict for life.  Chicken breast is a staple for me still by the way.  I found a wonderful fat burning system that helped with not only what to eat but when to eat it as well as great fat burning recipes.

Make Your Own Fat Burning Recipes

I eat a variety now. Egg whites, lean beef, fish and many other fat burning foods I use my own fat burning recipes prepared the way I prefer. I also even have cheat meals now. The key is substituting fat burning foods in your favorite weight loss recipes.

Getting fit has not been an easy journey, a journey that has still not concluded I might add. My friends and family who have never been fat just do not get it. I know that fat loss is less difficult when I have the right tools, fat burning recipes were a major tool against the fat.

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