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It’s no secret that I am a firm believer in fat burning diets in particular those designed by Tom Venuto. In the coming weeks I’m going post some tips by Tom Venuto that I believe can be very helpful to those looking to lose fat. Going on your weight loss journey with the right road map will be incredibly helpful.

I think one of the most important aspects I have learned about losing weight is that in reality it is simple. That’s right for the most part losing weight is simple. Simple unfortunately does not in any way mean easy. Even if the process of burning fat and building muscle is a simple one, it can still be hard to execute.

I know I ramble a bit so I’ll conclude this post with the following tip.

“Starvation dieters become victims of “skinny fat syndrome” and they diet off lots of “weight”, but the weight consists of more muscle than fat, so they end up with almost no muscle left, but a lot of the fat still remains!” -Tom Venuto

To learn more and I mean a whole lot more check out Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. This will be the last weight loss resource you will ever need.

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