How to Lose 1 Pound a Week Part One

I wanted to write this post today on some simple ways to lose 1 pound a week. Losing fifty pounds seems much easier when you break it down into smaller parts. Speaking of smaller parts, as I wrote this I rambled as usual and it got a little long so I am going to break it into 2 posts.

Anyone who has read fat burning spot before knows that I prefer fat burning diets to any other. The fat burning system I recommend is not even what I would call a “diet” it’s more of a way of life. Sure it costs a couple bucks to get started but it is very little compared to other weight loss plans. I mean no kidding under forty bucks. I decided to share this post for those who may not have the money or those who don’t care if it’s muscle or fat they lose as long as they lose weight.

Read it put it in practice and you should have no problem losing some weight. I must say that losing weight is far from an exact science. Everyone is different, what works for me may very well not work for you. Also keep in mind as always I am not an expert, I’m just some guy on the internet. I have no idea what your results may be. If you would rather learn about weight loss from a real expert instead of some random blogger you should go here.

You should always consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any kind of diet or exercise program.

So here it is some tips to help you lose 1 pound a week. You may think that losing one pound a week doesn’t seem like much. Think again dropping 52 pounds by this time next year will make a huge difference. Of course you could always use these tips to try and lose even more.

I’m sure most have heard that 1 pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories. Therefore creating a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day should help you to lose 1 pound per week. This deficit can be created through diet exercise or a combination of the two.

Realize that losing weight this way will also cause lean mass to be lost. There are ways to push your body into burning fat while building muscle. Simple calorie reduction like this is not one of them.

ONE:  Diet Alone to Lose a Pound a Week.

For most people eating 500 less calories per day should not be a problem. So just eat less to achieve the 500 calorie deficit. Do not starve yourself. As a guideline it is recommended that women take in at least 1200 calories per day and men 1500. Starving yourself will not produce the results you are looking for.

That’s it for the diet portion of how to lose 1 pound per week. While this should work, I recommend you use a combination of diet and exercise. My next post will give some easy examples of exercises that will help you reach that 500 calorie deficit.

My highest recommendation is to not even mess with this and just go get a copy of burn the fat feed the muscle and do it right. You can download it instantly read it tonight and Tomorrow get started on building that body you always dreamed of.I know cliche right, believe me this program is anything but cliche.

Here is part 2 of how to lose 1 pound per week

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