Laughing Cow Weight Loss Secret Maybe

Sort of a weight loss secret. I must confess I am a cheese head. (Not in the packer sense, I’m a diehard Steeler fan.) I mean I literally love cheese. American Mozzarella Asiago you name it. The problem is cheese is full of fat and calories. This doesn’t lend to fat burning all that well. I mean I would buy a pack of string cheese and eat half the pack in a day. At 80 calories a pop that wasn’t a great choice.

For me giving up cheese was not an easy choice. I of course have not given it up completely. The best solution I found is not exactly a weight loss secret. Many I’m sure are familiar with it. It’s Laughing Cow. I love that stuff. It can be a bit pricey. At Sam’s Club it really is a great price.

I eat it with omelets; I’ll eat in my chicken. I even will just eat a wedge of it once in a while as a snack. At 35 calories you can’t beat it. The only flavor I didn’t really care for was the Mozzarella Sun Dried Tomato and Basil, at the suggestion of my mom I tried this flavor in my egg white omelet and I loved it. I don’t even miss the yolks. It really is good.

If you haven’t tried Laughing Cow give it a shot. Substituting this for other cheeses in your diet can make a big difference. I’m still all about my fat burning diets, I just think little tips like this can help someone on any kind of diet.

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