Meridia Pulled Screw Weight Loss Pills

As I’m sure everyone knows Meridia has been pulled from the US market. The dangers of these weight loss pills amaze me. On top of that recently there was the study that showed increased suicide risk in people who had undergone bariatric surgery. I know losing weight is hard. I just don’t understand why someone would assume all that risk, isn’t the point of losing weight to get healthier.

I’ll admit that I have tried fat burners myself to try and lose extra weight. I even tried thermogenic fat burners fairly recently. The truth is they helped some. That isn’t the point though. It dawned on me that I didn’t need them or the possible risks involved.

The truth is a good fat burning diet works. This in my opinion is much less work than preparing for and going through surgery. Of course this is also pretty much risk free. Forget the Meridia the Xenical or any of the fat burning pills, prescription or otherwise. Find a good diet and exercise program and follow it.

It’s all about taking responsibility and then taking action people. There is no magic pill. Weight loss takes hard work and dedication, but it is achievable. I’m still on my way to reaching goal, 85 pounds down as of today.

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