Money Hungry on VH1 Latest Episode

Like I said on the last post I am really digging the weight loss show Money Hungry on VH1. I just watched the latest episode. The challenges are actually pretty cool. Yeah maybe the Regulators were at a disadvantage on this one but I think the women were at a disadvantage on some of the other challenges like the cake challenge for example.

I’m glad to see Grading Curves pulled off the win to become the Big Heavy for the week. Man Slimpossible whine much? I mean come on guys the whole sore loser thing is a bit unbecoming. It’s cool, somebody else has to win sometimes.

I was sad to see Jackie go. Definitely a cute little spitfire there. Great job Slenderellas on losing 75 pounds keep up the great work. I was hoping you guys would pull off the win somehow.

Great weight loss numbers for the regulators and slimpossible. That is even more important than the hundred grand when it comes down to it. Good luck to the 3 teams left.

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