Money Hungry on VH1 Season Finale

The Money Hungry finale on VH1 did not disappoint. The three teams that were left all deserved to be there. From the beginning my favorites were the Slenderellas and Mission Slimpossible. I hope the lady from Grading curves has a speedy recovery. That was a nasty spill.

Slimpossible giving that 10 G’s to Grading Curves was a classy move. It really proved that they are a couple of stand up guys. I mean they could have very easily gone home empty handed.

I wasn’t sure who would take it in the end. The Regulators pulled massive numbers. Congratulations to them for turning their lives around like that.

In the end it was Mission Slimpossible I was geeked to see them take it. Like I said they seem like a couple of stand up guys. They also literally worked their asses off. I don’t know if they are really taking it all to Vegas, but if they do I hope they more than double it up.

There was a lot hate going on, on both the show and Twitter, about them going to Vegas with the money. Get over it people. It’s their money that they won on a show that was about making a bet.

Of all the weight loss TV shows Money Hungry is still my favorite. I’m not sure how it did in the ratings. I’d love to see it make it back for another season. I’m digging the Biggest Loser, so I guess that will fill the hole until Money Hungry comes back.

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