My Biggest Weight Loss Obstacle

Burning fat, losing weight, building muscle, all parts of getting healthier and getting in shape. Lately I have reached the point in my dieting that is actually all too familiar to me. I think, actually I know that I am going to handle it differently this time.

What I’m referring to is that whole point where it seems like “what’s the point”. I think everyone who has tried to lose weight has reached it before. Dieting is a long hard process. I know when I started I was full of motivation. I was gung ho about finally been in shape. I still am. I just could go eat half of a Vinnie pie on my own right now.

For those who don’t know what a Vinnie pie is. It is without a doubt the best pizza in Pittsburgh. They are a beautiful sloppy greasy mess. I would imagine one or two slices is more calories than I’ve been eating in a day lately. Talk about great fat burning diets. I hold back because deep down I am still motivated to completely burn the fat build up the muscle and get in shape.

I’m not sure how many people if any read my little fat burning blog here. If you are reading it though I’d imagine you know the feeling I’m talking about. It may not be a Vinnie pie. It may be some other thing that is a great comfort food to you.

It sucks I’ve been quite faithful on this fat burning system that I am following. It’s just the last couple of days my motivation has been waning. I don’t want to get too much in to personal details on here. I think part of my problem is Labor Day coming up. My dad would have been 65 this year. He died Labor Day weekend 17 years ago. I’m not here to whine although I suppose I could it’s my blog, that ain’t my thing though.

My whole point of this post is about yet another weight loss’ roadblock. It’s hard when you’ve been an emotional eater pretty much your whole life. Part of me says go ahead pig out for a couple days it’s no big deal. You can get back on track after it’s over. I know if I were to just give in that would be the beginning of a backslide, and next thing you know I’d be pushing 350 again.

I Care too much about losing the weight this time to give in. When I look back over the years of dieting and where they’ve failed or should I say where I’ve failed. It has been points like this that set me back onto the eating like a fat fool track.

Food can be addictive there’s no doubt about it. Anyone who says otherwise is a straight up idiot. The behaviors and the justifications that I just discussed are pretty typical behaviors of an addict.

Like I said before I don’t know if anyone reads my little weight loss blog here. If anyone does happen along can you tell me how you best fight those days where you just want to say screw it and eat like a hog. I’m cool I’ve actually been using exercise as a means around it so that works out pretty good. It’s just a little tougher and hell I am only at the halfway point.

The truth is getting in shape is not easy. I never expected it to be. This is just another one of those weight loss roadblocks I know I need to deal with. I’ll get past it. There is not a doubt in my mind. I’m sure by this time next year I’ll have long since burnt off the excess fat. That is thanks in part to the best fat burning system available, at least in my opinion.

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