Obama signs unemployment extension – Will it Make People Fatter

So Obama signs unemployment extension. What does this have to do with fat burning spot?  I’m curious does the rate of unemployed people correlate at all with obesity?.  This may be a reach, but I’m not so sure it is.

For one I believe many who are recently laid off may become way more sedentary than they were previously. It’s sort of two fold. No longer being required to work a daily shift may naturally lead to less activity. Also after being laid off I know the way depression can set in, another factor that may lead to much less daily activity. Obviously less activity less fat burned less muscle gained.

Another point on why I believe unemployment may affect fat loss is cost. While in recent years it has gotten better, healthy food still generally costs more than junk food. For example you can get generic mac and cheese for as low as 3 boxes for a buck. I pay about $2.20 a pound for chicken breast. Considering how little money those unemployment checks provide many will opt for the cheaper crappier food just to get by. Also stress eating; the thought of being out of a job causes emotional distress thereby causing emotional eating. Of course emotional eating of the cheaper unhealthy junk food. Filling up on these unhealthy carb heavy foods like mac and cheese will of course make fat burning damn near impossible.

Many people may think that my conclusion of unemployment causing a rise in obesity is off base, but I think I am on to something here. If you are laid off, now may be the ideal time to reinvent yourself. Focus on a healthy fat burning system, and start doing great fat burning exercises.

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