Obesity Epidemic Rising or Fatty Haters Suck

So I read an article on the latimes talking about a recent CDC report.  The rate of obesity in this country is continuing to rise.  Should it really be any surprise? Daily we’re inundated with unhealthy food after unhealthy food.  It’s funny how the “restaurant” industry in America seems to try and outdo itself day after day with the unhealthiest foods possible.  Of course people are responsible for what they eat.  I just feel enough is enough when it comes to promoting more and more crap.  For instance like I mentioned before the KFC double down.

“In 2009, about 2.4 million more adults were obese than in 2007.” According to the CDC.

Another thing we as Americans have pretty much become lazy.  I’ll admit it myself.  As I sit here at my computer typing this blog post.  As everyone is aware more technology means less physical activity.  I know it’s the middle of summer, if I go out for a drive mid afternoon I rarely see any kids outside playing.  When I was a kid some 20 odd years ago we had video games and such.  We still went outside and got a lot of physical activity.  Of course in my case this still did not stop me from being the fat kid.

I’m sure in many cases there is a genetic correlation with obesity.  I of course am no expert in this.  The only problem with this relation to genetics is it becomes an excuse for many.  While I believe genetics play an important role in how obese someone may be, ultimately it is just another hurdle.  Genetics may make it harder for someone to burn fat and build muscle but it doesn’t make it impossible.

More and more I see people who wear fat as a badge of honor.  This is straight B.S.  Now I do believe that you should try to be happy with who you are.  Being happy with who you are can be very helpful as a first step when someone starts their diet journey.  The problem is when people believe that they are a fat and unhealthy because that’s the way they’re meant to be. Yes people can still be beautiful and fat, but what good is that beauty if you die twenty years early.

Until people are encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves and their actions the obesity epidemic is going to continue to rise.  I myself am still working on getting to what is actually my ideal weight.  And a lot of work it is.

I also would like to point out that people really can’t be forced to take responsibility.  These people who believe it is appropriate to discriminate against those with weight problems are assholes.  The argument that obese people drive up Health Care cost is one that I don’t really believe. I mean if it is really looked at over the long-term.  One key element that these fatty haters aren’t seeing is that if more people lose weight and get in shape less people will die young and the population will increase.  Think about how much health care costs might increase if there were less people dying young of weight related illness.

The reason I would love to see more people care about their weight is health. I would rather not see everyone become skinny, just reach a healthy weight. I mean I personally like women with some meat on their bones. It would really be a shame if all the curves disappeared.

I guess to sum up this meandering post I will say this. Weight loss is not easy it will never be easy for the foreseeable future. I’ve seen people who have had bariatric surgery, lose weight, and still go on to gain it all back. This whole obesity epidemic is not helped by the crap that poses as food these days. Fatty haters are jerkoffs who are ugly usually on both the inside and outside their comments of course do not help people who have problems losing weight.

The key to reducing obesity in this country is the children. Teach your kids to be active and eat right. Right from the door don’t let them get a taste for the processed junk. Teach them that healthy food can taste great. This should be especially important to anyone who grew up fat; you know how hard it was for you as a child. Don’t make your kids go through the same abuse. Take some responsibility. For anyone overweight reading this, now is the time. Learn how to burn fat and gain muscle while getting healthy and you could be around to see those healthier kids graduate. Also if you lose some weight and get all buff it will be easier to thumb your nose at the douchebag fatty haters.

Keep in mind that this is just a rant from a guy who has recently dropped 75 pounds and knows what it’s like to be the fat guy his whole life.  I make no claims to be an expert of any sort.  If anyone happens to read this, please feel free to post your feelings on this below.

Oh yeah to the Fatty Haters Get Bent.

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