Fat Burning Spot My Personal Success

This is my fat burning blog. Update for December 2011 I built this site to share some of the good and not so good experiences I have had with a fat burning diet. I have also kind of been getting into some of those weight loss TV shows lately, like the biggest loser. Occasionally I […]

Burn Fat Fast

Can You Burn Fat Fast The problem a lot of people face is the need to do things fats. I know the need and want to burn fat fast. Believe me I fell into that trap too. This time of year especially it seem like everyone is gung ho to ramp up their weight loss […]

Losing Weight in 2012 the key

The key to losing weight in 2012 and beyond I know there are a ton of people planning on losing weight in 2012. I want to share a few thoughts on it. I am not an expert on weight loss. I am an expert on my own weight loss. I won’t claim to know what […]

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Still Love it

Another Random Rambling Weight Loss Update Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Still Great My fat burning journey started about a year and half ago. It has been an interesting journey. I must say. If you read some of my posts you will see that I started off just starving myself in the beginning. Anyone […]

Burn Fat Naturally

How to burn fat naturally If you want to burn fat naturally you are on the right track. This is really the only way to go when it comes to fat burning. All of those miracle diets and supplements that boast unrealistic results are really only good for emptying your wallet. The way to burn […]

I Lost 100 Pounds Mostly Fat

I know I have not updated my fat burning progress in quite some time. I’m just unreliable at times when it comes to updating these pages. I got some great news last week. I track my weight daily and average my weekly totals but I use my monthly doctor visit for my official totals. With […]

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Fat Burning Diet – A follow up on the sabotage

Another funny story about fat burn sabotage my mom, who I love dearly, came home the other day with pretzel M&M’s to try. She said she would hide them if I wanted her too. I love me some chocolate once in a while. I told her not to worry about it. Boy I can be a schmuck now and again. I figured 180 calories, I could try them out. I counted out 17 of them the serving size. I ate about 3 and realized they were terrible. Did I stop eating them? No. Even though these pretzel M&M’s pretty much were a poor substitute for decent chocolate I stood there like a hog and munched down all 17 of them. I also found myself picking at a few here and a few there. I’m still not sure why.

Now I know the last thing she would want to do is hurt my efforts in working to burn fat and build muscle, I should have just let her hide them somewhere. When I say sabotage I don’t mean to imply any sort of malice or intentional diet sabotage, but what does the scale or my belt care of intentions.

Once again I feel the best way to conquer the occasional junk cravings is to partake occasionally. I mean burning fat and building muscle is not easy. Sometimes I just have to let go. When I do though I make sure it is something quality that I enjoy. If I’m going to eat some chocolate once in a while. I’ll take a few squares of the extra dark Ghirardelli or Lindt screw the M&Ms.

If someone in your home does like to partake in food that hinders your fat burning goals kindly ask them to place them somewhere where temptation will not be as strong.

Fat Burn Sabotage – Stop It Now

Something I wanted to talk about, a roadblock if you will in my fat burning goals. Family, I think you know what I mean. I remember not all that long ago I had started hardcore on my fat burning goals. I was eating right exercising you know the drill. My uncle, a good guy I have to say, shows up at my house with one of those KFC double crappers or whatever those disgusting things are called.  You know that nasty thing that uses two fried chicken breasts as the bread for the sandwich stuffed with bacon and fricken cheese.  Now in reality the double down is not as bad as some of the other artery clogging fast food out there, like even a whopper for example. It’s even “healthier” than some of the other fast food “restaurants” comparable chicken sandwiches. Either way that kind of food pretty much makes me feel like crap when I eat it.

There was definitely a time when I was a fast food junkie, but those times are gone. Still I sometimes get a craving. Those cravings are not helped by the people in my life who really don’t care about their own physical well being. It’s a bit hard to burn fat when you are eating 30 or 40 grams of it in one sitting.

How do you combat these negative influences in your weight loss? I have found that giving in once and a while works wonders. I’m not saying I would run out and grab a bacon double cheeseburger right now. I’m just saying that every couple of months it ain’t so bad. As long as I account for it.

On that occasional day when you give in to the craving remind yourself what feels better the few minutes of eating or how great it feels to not be carrying around so much fat.

I do want to point out that I’m not talking about those people who sabotage with malicious intent. Occasionally you will have someone who genuinely and intentionally wants to sabotage your weight loss goals. Just cut those people out of your life completely.

The people I’m referring to are more the well intentioned yet misguided. For these people it may only take a bit of enlightenment let them know that the crap food they are bringing you does not jibe with your fat burning goals.

A Fat Burning System That Works

This is the first post on the fat burning spot blog. I will share new fat burning tools here when I find them. Perhaps I will add some motivational stuff here and there. From experience I can definitely say motivation and determination are surely essential in weight loss. That’s all I got for now, there […]

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