Fat Burning Spot My Personal Success

This is my fat burning blog. Update for December 2011 I built this site to share some of the good and not so good experiences I have had with a fat burning diet. I have also kind of been getting into some of those weight loss TV shows lately, like the biggest loser. Occasionally I […]

Burn Fat Fast

Can You Burn Fat Fast The problem a lot of people face is the need to do things fats. I know the need and want to burn fat fast. Believe me I fell into that trap too. This time of year especially it seem like everyone is gung ho to ramp up their weight loss […]

Losing Weight in 2012 the key

The key to losing weight in 2012 and beyond I know there are a ton of people planning on losing weight in 2012. I want to share a few thoughts on it. I am not an expert on weight loss. I am an expert on my own weight loss. I won’t claim to know what […]

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Still Love it

Another Random Rambling Weight Loss Update Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Still Great My fat burning journey started about a year and half ago. It has been an interesting journey. I must say. If you read some of my posts you will see that I started off just starving myself in the beginning. Anyone […]

Burn Fat Naturally

How to burn fat naturally If you want to burn fat naturally you are on the right track. This is really the only way to go when it comes to fat burning. All of those miracle diets and supplements that boast unrealistic results are really only good for emptying your wallet. The way to burn […]

I Lost 100 Pounds Mostly Fat

I know I have not updated my fat burning progress in quite some time. I’m just unreliable at times when it comes to updating these pages. I got some great news last week. I track my weight daily and average my weekly totals but I use my monthly doctor visit for my official totals. With […]

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Combating a Major Weight Loss Obstacle in 2011

Recently I have undergone some major setbacks in my weight loss journey. I began taking a new medication that has weight gain as a common side effect on top of that I got a bit out of control with the holidays. I believe there was more to it though. I got cocky.

As of Thanksgiving which was November 25 2010 I had lost 90 pounds this was an incredible achievement for me. I was on top of the world. As of December 20 I had gained 20 pounds back and my loss was down to only seventy pounds. In less than a month I had wasted all of that hard work.

As I said the medication was a major part. That is still no justification. Instead of adjusting the things I could control to compensate for the effects of the medication I continued on the same path I was on. Also I partook in way too much of the holiday goodies. All told I feel I’m pretty lucky to have only gained 20 pounds, but it is still nonetheless heartbreaking when I jump on the scale.

I think a major part of my problem was that I became cocky. Somehow because of the amount of weight I had lost I had convinced myself that it had been easy. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it is not easy. Of course in theory it is simple but the execution is far from easy.

With that attitude I became complacent and had convinced myself that I was destined to lose the weight no matter what. I think this can be a trap that any of us can fall into. It is important to never forget the struggle that losing weight is. It is important to believe that you can do it, but to not forget that it will take work. Never get to the point of thinking reaching your goal is a given.

I don’t know maybe this is not a common problem for others but it is something I have dealt with in the past too. It was definitely a wakeup call for me. I have readjusted and am happy to say that in the last week I have dropped 8 pounds bringing my total loss back up to 78 pounds.

With the New Year I am going to redesign and move fat burning spot in a new direction. I have recommitted myself to following a fat burning diet and will be posting more frequently about my successes failures and much more.

Here’s to great weight loss in 2011 for me and everyone else. Let it be more than a resolution that you give up on after a few weeks. Make your 2011 resolution a commitment to a complete lifestyle change. Remember don’t get cocky.

Don’t Let Holiday Cheat Days Ruin Your Fat Burning Diet pt2

Here is part 2 on holiday eating. With New Years parties only a few days away, this advice can be very helpful to minimize any weight gain during those holiday parties. The author is an expert when it comes to fat burning diets. I recommend any of his products when it comes to weight loss. Get Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle NOW!

If you haven’t already check out Don’t Let Holiday Cheat Days Ruin Your Fat Burning Diet pt 1

Damage Control For Holiday Eating “Accidents” (Part 2)

By Tom Venuto

It’s lunchtime, and you’re trying to decide what to make today. Normally, you would have your regular chicken salad with mixed nuts, but today is different. You’re going to a party in the evening, and even though you’re not quite sure what to expect, you know there will be a ton of food in an atmosphere of very little restraint. You decide that it’s probably best to eat a lighter lunch than usual, to prepare for the evening calorie-surge.

This is commonly known as “banking calories” which is analagous to saving calories like money because you’re going to consume more later.

I usually do not recommend this. Here’s why:

If you skip meals earlier in the day to “prepare” (bank calories) for a big feast at night, you are thinking only in terms of calories, but skipping meals is also depriving yourself of protein (amino acids), carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients that come from healthy food, as well as the small frequent meals which help control your appetite, stabilize your blood sugar and provide a steady flow of amino acids to your muscles. Skipping breakfast is especially detrimental.

Not only that, but eating less early in the day in anticipation of overeating later in the day is much more likely to increase your appetite, causing you to binge or eat even MORE than you thought you would at night when the big meal does arrive.

In fact, eating healthy, high fiber and lean protein food, as usual, earlier in the day is likely to make you LESS hungry for the holiday party meal and you’ll be more likely to eat only a harmlessly small amount of “party” foods.

I dont like the concept of “banking calories” if it means skipping meals or if it’s used as justification for binge eating.

Even if it worked the way you wanted it to, the starving and bingeing pattern may cause more damage than an occasional oversize meal, even if only on a psychological level. Some dieticians might even argue that this kind of behavior borders on disordered eating.

A better approach is to stay on your regular menu of healthy foods and small meals through the entire day – business as usual – and then go ahead and enjoy yourself at your party by treating yourself to a SMALL amount of “BAD” food.

This is supported by the 2nd Corollary of the law of calorie balance:

“Small amounts of ANYTHING – even junk food- will probably not be stored as fat as long as you are in a calorie deficit where you are eating fewer calories than you burn.”

It should be a big relief for you to know that when you’re at a party, a banquet, dining out or eating at a relative’s house for a special occasion, you can eat whatever you want with little or no ill effect on body composition, as long as you respect the law of calorie balance and as long as it is done infrequently.

However, you CANNOT starve and binge and expect not to reap negative consequences.

If you sincerely want to burn fat and be healthy, then you have to have the discipline to stick with your nutrition plan consistently and control your portion sizes.

Train hard and expect success,

Fat Loss Coach

To learn more about burning fat naturally in a healthy, sensible way, then be sure to take a look at Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

About the Author:

Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert, lifetime natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder, independent nutrition researcher, freelance writer, and author of the #1 best selling diet e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: Fat-Burning Secrets of The World’s Best Bodybuilders & Fitness Models (e-book) which teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using secrets of the world’s best bodybuilders and fitness models. Learn how to get rid of stubborn fat and increase your metabolism by visiting: www.burnthefat.com

In the coming weeks fat burning spot is going to undergo some major changes. I’ve been slipping lately and it’s about time to turn it around.

Don’t let Holiday Cheat Days Ruin Your Fat Burning Diet pt1

I know I screwed up on my diet this Christmas. It’s something I still need to take control of. With new years only a week away I thought this series on controlling those holiday slip ups would be helpful. Whether you are on a fat burning diet or some other type of weight loss plan […]

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