Fat Burning Spot My Personal Success

This is my fat burning blog. Update for December 2011 I built this site to share some of the good and not so good experiences I have had with a fat burning diet. I have also kind of been getting into some of those weight loss TV shows lately, like the biggest loser. Occasionally I […]

Burn Fat Fast

Can You Burn Fat Fast The problem a lot of people face is the need to do things fats. I know the need and want to burn fat fast. Believe me I fell into that trap too. This time of year especially it seem like everyone is gung ho to ramp up their weight loss […]

Losing Weight in 2012 the key

The key to losing weight in 2012 and beyond I know there are a ton of people planning on losing weight in 2012. I want to share a few thoughts on it. I am not an expert on weight loss. I am an expert on my own weight loss. I won’t claim to know what […]

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Still Love it

Another Random Rambling Weight Loss Update Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Still Great My fat burning journey started about a year and half ago. It has been an interesting journey. I must say. If you read some of my posts you will see that I started off just starving myself in the beginning. Anyone […]

Burn Fat Naturally

How to burn fat naturally If you want to burn fat naturally you are on the right track. This is really the only way to go when it comes to fat burning. All of those miracle diets and supplements that boast unrealistic results are really only good for emptying your wallet. The way to burn […]

I Lost 100 Pounds Mostly Fat

I know I have not updated my fat burning progress in quite some time. I’m just unreliable at times when it comes to updating these pages. I got some great news last week. I track my weight daily and average my weekly totals but I use my monthly doctor visit for my official totals. With […]

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The Biggest Loser Go Ada and Happy Turkey Day

Most of my posts are focused on fat burning diets and weight loss. Today I just wanted to talk about what has become one of my favorite TV shows. Reality weight loss shows actually do serve a great purpose as far as I am concerned.

The biggest loser is both motivational and touching. I’ll admit I dig some reality shows. Usually I like watching people making asses out of themselves. I try to stay away from the ones that involve emotion. This is why I initially stayed away from The Biggest Loser.

The biggest loser is actually quite good though. The latest episode was actually touching in a number of ways. The fact that Ada and Brendan would sandbag in order for Patrick to win that car was quite cool. With the greed that is rampant in people all over the world it’s nice to see people helping each other out to counter act that.

Shows like The Biggest Loser of course can serve as motivation for the viewers to take action themselves. There is also an opportunity to see some people act in a selfless manner for people that they barely know. This is of course not always the case, as with anything there is going to be greed and other ugly emotions. It is best to focus on the positive though.

Watching reality weight loss TV shows has actually been pretty motivational for me. My weight loss has not been anywhere near the numbers that you see on the biggest loser. I mean 100 pounds in ten weeks is amazing. That biggest loser diet must be something else. I still am happy with my 90 pounds in 9 months though.

I’ll end this rambling post by just saying happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Enjoy that good grub today, and then get to work burning it off tomorrow or even today. The latest episode of the biggest loser actually had a tip recommending a 45 minute walk after thanksgiving dinner in order to boost the metabolism. Sounds good to me.

Oh yeah and Go Ada, I am definitely rooting for her to win the whole shebang.

Fat Burning Tip 1

It’s no secret that I am a firm believer in fat burning diets in particular those designed by Tom Venuto. In the coming weeks I’m going post some tips by Tom Venuto that I believe can be very helpful to those looking to lose fat. Going on your weight loss journey with the right road map will be incredibly helpful.

I think one of the most important aspects I have learned about losing weight is that in reality it is simple. That’s right for the most part losing weight is simple. Simple unfortunately does not in any way mean easy. Even if the process of burning fat and building muscle is a simple one, it can still be hard to execute.

I know I ramble a bit so I’ll conclude this post with the following tip.

“Starvation dieters become victims of “skinny fat syndrome” and they diet off lots of “weight”, but the weight consists of more muscle than fat, so they end up with almost no muscle left, but a lot of the fat still remains!” -Tom Venuto

To learn more and I mean a whole lot more check out Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. This will be the last weight loss resource you will ever need.

The Happy Meal Ban Makes Sense

The San Francisco ban on happy meals is not all bad. I will not get political here on Fat Burning Spot, but I am not a fan of government intervention. However when it is aimed at the protection of kids I can’t complain too much. If parents would take it upon themselves to be more […]

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