Part 2 How to Lose a Pound Per Week

So here is part 2 of how to lose 1 pound a week.

If you haven’t already you should read lose a pound a week part 1 first. To be honest this is not a great method. It’ something I put together myself when I first decided to lose weight this time. I applied some of these tips and they did work for me so I figured I would share it. Just to be clear this is not the best way to lose weight but it should work.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. As far as I am concerned the best way to lose weight and get in shape is”Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle”. The fact that you are at fat burning spot means you must be interested in losing weight.

So please just do me one favor. Ask yourself just how serious you are about losing weight this time. If the time has finally come to really lose the weight for good and you’re serious about it. Ignore this post and go get burn the fat feed the muscle. You’ll be back here thanking me for it in a few months.

Still here? Alright without further ado here is the rest of how to lose 1 pound a week. In the previous post I discussed creating a 500 calorie per day deficit with diet alone. I found it to be even better to use a combination of diet and exercise. These are just some examples with the calories expended for a 200 pound person. Use this as a guideline to customize your own plan. As I’m sure you’ve heard before consult with a health care professional before starting any diet or exercise.

Tip 2: To lose 1 pound per week

Skip the elevator. Stair climbing will burn roughly 180 calories per 15 minutes in a 200 pound person. So that’s one option eat 300 calories less and climb the stairs for fifteen minutes.

Tip 3: To lose 1 pound per week

This one is another no brainer low impact aerobics. If you weigh 200 pounds you will burn over 400 calories per hour doing low impact aerobics. I’m sure anyone can find an extra hour or so a day to get in shape.

Tip 4: To lose 1 pound per week

Dance, that’s right dancing is great exercise a 200 pound person can easily burn around 200 calories in just a half hour of dancing. I mean dancing is fun too. Take a ballroom class, go to a club or even dance in your living room it all works. Going out to dance is much more fun. Who cares if you know how. Just get out there and shake what your momma gave you.

Obviously there is any number of exercises you could incorporate to reach your desired deficit. You can find more examples along with calories burned here.

These are just a few tips I have. I put them together for myself to get some ideas on how I could lose weight. One of the reasons I decided to post it was to illustrate some easy steps just about anyone can utilize to start losing weight.

I also wanted to point out that breaking it down into smaller numbers can make your goals seem more attainable. I know when I sat down and saw that I needed to lose 150 pounds I felt hopeless. Now that I only have 70 more to lose I have no doubt I will get there. Celebrate the small victories it can really help stave off the burnout.

Like I said before this is just some information put together by some guy. If you are indeed serious about losing weight quit messing around and go get burn the fat feed the muscle. I probably sound like an advertisement by now. The thing is this book changed my life.

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