Rachael Ray Teen Weight Loss Challenge Followup

I wrote before about Christina from the Teen Weight Loss Challenge on the Rachael Ray Show. This is the young woman who wants to lose 70 pounds by prom. Fridays episode showed the families reaction to the first show. I feel for her mother. I’m glad her father seems to be coming around. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the most important person in the group is convinced yet.

You can see that video here

Christina still has that “I think” kind of mentality. Screw “I Think” take action and do. She still seems to be focused on defending her previous choices. Arguing with her mother for wanting her to eat healthy. From what has been shown her mother only said something about the massive amounts of food they were gorging on. This was not mean as Christina seems to think.

I can’t stand when fat people act like victims. I’m still fat myself. As you may have seen here on my fat burning journal,  I have lost over 80 pounds. I weighed 355 pounds less than 7 months ago and it was my fault. I could sit and whine about all the horrible things that have went wrong in my life and believe me I have stories to tell, but who the EFF cares. These events didn’t make me fat, how I dealt with them did.

I know Christina will probably never see this. I would post on the board over at the Rachael Ray show, but they are deleting any message that has even a little bit of perceived negativity.

Everyone on that board is calling her an inspiration, this is a bit premature don’t you think. To Christina you have an opportunity to inspire many thousands of people here; situations like this do not come often in life. Take advantage of it.
It’s great that your father is seeing that he had a hand in doing this to you. It’s about time you take some responsibility. Your past choices were wrong, accept that and move on. Don’t dwell on the past, change the future. When you continue to defend your previous poor eating choices you are sabotaging your own goals.

Taking comfort in food was a problem for most of us at one time or another. You need to change your outlook see that with the help of your own hand that food made you like this. As I said don’t dwell in the past and beat yourself up over it, just blame the food. Replace the comfort that food once brought with a vision of the new you that is on its way. Take comfort in the new you.

No more excuses, no more whining just doing. I’m no expert but I can tell you, that is the only real way to lose weight.

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