Fat Burning Diets are Best

Get in Shape With Fat Burning Diets

Fat burning diets are the best as far as I’m concerned. If you have read my blog before I’m sure you are aware of that fact. I want to share some of the reasons I feel that this is the best way to lose weight.

First and foremost they work for me. As with any diet results depend on each person and also the amount of effort they put in. Believe me I have put a ton of effort in.

I started dieting in March I was 355 pounds. Yesterday I got weighed and am happy to say the scale said 272. That is the first time I have been below 275 in I don’t know how long. I mean 83 pounds in under 7 months I’m geeked. I researched fat burning diets and found one that worked great for me.

Some important reasons that fat burning diets work better than other diets.

Calorie restrictive diets tend to cause muscle to be lost instead of fat. As muscle mass is lost your metabolism naturally slows down. Obviously as metabolism slows it becomes harder to lose weight. Alternatively fat burning diets allow you to burn fat while building muscle a best of both worlds kind of scenario.

Another diet that people flock to are the no or low carb diets. I have tried a number of these. I actually saw some good results initially. Like so many others that success was short lived. One of the problems I found with low carb diets, they are difficult to stay on. I have had no trouble following the diet that I am on. Also much of that early weight loss is water weight. One more problem that worried me about Atkins was the amount of high fat food I was eating. I don’t know for sure if it is risky but I was worried about cholesterol.

Low fat diets are also inferior as far as I’m concerned. I won’t dog on Weight Watchers many people lose weight on this diet including my aunt who did really well with it. Like no carb there is a major chance of regain with these diets. Plus low fat foods tend to have sugar added. People fall into a trap of thinking that no or low fat means healthy and overindulge. I have heard of people saving all of their points just to fill up on sugary foods. After all sugar is a low fat food.

Fat burning diets work better because they target the problem weight. When losing weight you cannot be sure that you are only losing fat. Fortunately following this type of diet will give you your best chance of getting rid of problem weight and toning up.

On another note: The last thing you want to be when you lose all this weight is “skinny fat” if you work at building muscle while you are losing fat you can be in great shape by the time you reach your goal weight. If this makes sense to you and you are looking to fat burning diets to help take the weight off you can find a link to get burn the fat feed the muscle here.

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