The Best Fat Burning Exercise

In my quest to find the best fat burning exercise, I have been through many. As you may already know I struggled with my weight for a very long time, as a matter of fact it is still a daily struggle. I know how hard it is in the beginning to get started on any exercise routine. I have to say it does get easier.

Nowadays I don’t even feel right if I haven’t even got my workout in for the day. It surely was not always that way for me.

When I made the decision to lose weight and get in shape it was like I was a man possessed. I needed results and I needed them ASAP. I must admit I have a tendency to go off half cocked. I bought the bodylastics and went to town, once again without a plan. These resistance bands are cool they don’t take up too much space and offer a great workout. The problem was I didn’t do my research I overworked and got hurt. I also didn’t maximize the fat burning portion of my workout routine. Once I slowed down and followed the DVD I really started seeing improvements in my strength, this was great but not enough. I needed to burn fat too.

I set out to find the best fat burning exercise.  The problem for me with finding the best fat burning exercise was too many options. It seems like everybody has an opinion on which exercises burn the most fat. There are so many subtle nuances when it comes to burning fat while still building or maintaining muscle. I wasn’t sure which was best, just cardio, cardio and weight training or some other combination. As I said I needed something that delivered results, I know how I am and if I don’t see results I lose motivation.

After much trial and error I came across what I believe to be the best fat burning exercise routine hands down. Kettle bell burn is easy to follow and eventually just became part of my daily routine.

I am far from body builder status but it is nice to see the definition that has developed in part because of the ketttlebell burn I firmly believe that the combination of the bodylastics bands as well as this kettle bell workout combined with best fat burning diet has had a great impact on my weight loss.

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The Best Fat Burning Diet

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