The Bigest Loser Finale Vote For Ada

So The Biggest Loser Finale is only a week away. Tonight’s episode was really good. It was very touching, especially Ada’s story.

All four of tonight’s finalists have worked hard without a doubt. I have to say though, since the beginning Ada has been my favorite. I was very happy to see the communication between her and her parents. It also was kick ass to see her take the record in the marathon.

If anyone actually reads Fat Burning Spot why not go to NBC and vote for Ada. I know if I’m lucky there might be about 3 or so of you out there, but still another 30 votes can’t hurt. In case you haven’t watched the show I will tell you this Ada has proven that she is a fighter, much tougher than I think she even realizes. She seems very compassionate even going as far as allowing another competitor to pass her in a race in order for him to win a car that will greatly help him and his family. On top of that she is a humble hottie a combination that is not often found.


Now I don’t know this girl from Adam her story just really touched my heart. She has kicked ass all season and it would really be a shame for her not to be in the final. So why not do her a favor and vote?

This is the first season I have watched The Biggest Loser. I’m not sure why I didn’t watch it before but I should have. On various blogs and forums I have read complaints about the way people played the game this season. I didn’t see it as a problem personally. Truthfully if you don’t like game playing you probably shouldn’t watch a game show.

If you have not seen The Biggest Loser you should definitely check it out. These people can be an inspiration for anyone not just the overweight. So hurry up go now and vote for Ada. Then next week tune in and watch her take the win on The Biggest Loser season finale.

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