The Biggest Loser Go Ada and Happy Turkey Day

Most of my posts are focused on fat burning diets and weight loss. Today I just wanted to talk about what has become one of my favorite TV shows. Reality weight loss shows actually do serve a great purpose as far as I am concerned.

The biggest loser is both motivational and touching. I’ll admit I dig some reality shows. Usually I like watching people making asses out of themselves. I try to stay away from the ones that involve emotion. This is why I initially stayed away from The Biggest Loser.

The biggest loser is actually quite good though. The latest episode was actually touching in a number of ways. The fact that Ada and Brendan would sandbag in order for Patrick to win that car was quite cool. With the greed that is rampant in people all over the world it’s nice to see people helping each other out to counter act that.

Shows like The Biggest Loser of course can serve as motivation for the viewers to take action themselves. There is also an opportunity to see some people act in a selfless manner for people that they barely know. This is of course not always the case, as with anything there is going to be greed and other ugly emotions. It is best to focus on the positive though.

Watching reality weight loss TV shows has actually been pretty motivational for me. My weight loss has not been anywhere near the numbers that you see on the biggest loser. I mean 100 pounds in ten weeks is amazing. That biggest loser diet must be something else. I still am happy with my 90 pounds in 9 months though.

I’ll end this rambling post by just saying happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Enjoy that good grub today, and then get to work burning it off tomorrow or even today. The latest episode of the biggest loser actually had a tip recommending a 45 minute walk after thanksgiving dinner in order to boost the metabolism. Sounds good to me.

Oh yeah and Go Ada, I am definitely rooting for her to win the whole shebang.

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