The Biggest Loser Latest Episode Very Inspirational

So I finally saw the latest episode of the biggest loser. That show really can be infuriating and inspirational all in the same breath. Tuesday’s episode had such a touching moment it makes up for all the conniving that goes on regularly.

I mean Arthur is a straight up conniver and has pulled some really dirty crap for sure. The problem is the dude is going to die if he doesn’t lose weight.

It was really impressive the way three of the parents pulled together to protect the younger competitors including Arthur the snake. This really goes to show there are indeed still a lot of good people out there. It was almost as cool as last season when Ada threw the competition in order to let Patrick win that car.

I can’t believe some of the cool opportunities the contestants have on this show. I mean getting to meet Bas Rutten and also having a chance to workout at his complex is straight gold. The way Bas was encouraging to Rulon shows just how much of a stand up guy he is, not to mention one bad dude.

I watch The Biggest Loser for encouragement and inspiration in my fat burning diet and I have to say it rarely fails to deliver. Here is to hoping that all the competitors continue to do well on their weight loss journeys, Arthur included. I just hope he doesn’t actually win the competition.

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