The Biggest Loser on NBC I Finally Saw It

I finally checked out The Biggest Loser. All I can say is wow. Maybe I was of a different mindset when I first checked it out. There was a time when I thought I’m fat deal with it. I definitely see what all the hoopla is about. I know I’m always behind on stuff like this. I’m just not big on TV. I am really digging these weight loss shows though. If anyone has any other suggestions on this type of show please comment.

I’ve talked about Money Hungry on VH1 and I still love that show. It is more of a fun show. Thintervention is alright but it kind of sucks. The Biggest Loser really delves into the emotions of people who have struggled with their weight. There are many inspiring stories and I can see how this could really help to get people taking action themselves. Anything that can push people to take action is great.

It is a bit sad when elimination comes. Like I said I’m new to the Biggest Loser. I wish I would have started watching it before.

The methods of The Biggest Loser diet are extreme.

This is something I could not even fathom someone attempting without a support staff like the show has. The results the contestants are seeing are phenomenal. They are a bit unrealistic for your average Joe or Jane.

One key point that I noticed is The Biggest Loser seems to focus on burning fat while building muscle. This is the same focus of the fat burning diet that I follow. I really feel that this is the best way to go when it comes to losing weight. I would venture to guess it is easier to follow than the diet on The Biggest Loser.

I hope that the biggest loser continues to inspire people to take action and take control of their lives. Screw being fat, it sucks. I mean why wait to hear the horrible news from the doctor, make a decision to lose weight and take action now.

If you are looking for a “diet” that can show you how to lose fat while building muscle and getting in shape you can find it here.

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