The Happy Meal Ban Makes Sense

The San Francisco ban on happy meals is not all bad. I will not get political here on Fat Burning Spot, but I am not a fan of government intervention. However when it is aimed at the protection of kids I can’t complain too much.

If parents would take it upon themselves to be more responsible with what their children eat this would not even be an issue. I have talked on here before about my fear of the government legislating what we eat, if we can’t learn the meaning of moderation. This ban is a perfect example of this. I agree with this happy meal ban though.

There are a number of outspoken opponents to this ban. I have a couple of questions for them. Is it appropriate to force parents to put their kids in car seats? How about minor’s not being able to purchase tobacco or alcohol? This is on that same level when you think about it. The childhood obesity epidemic is scary. If this will help those numbers then so be it.

Now would be a great time to catch this before it spreads to a nationwide thing. If we take action ourselves this could keep the government out of our choices. Why not ask McDonalds to do something about it. We should all tell McDonalds to take the initiative and make their happy meals compliant with the recommendations on a nationwide basis.

I think this would be a great solution. Kids eat a little bit healthier (keep in mind it’s still mostly junk they will be eating). They can still get their little crappy plastic toy, and big brother stays out of it.

I mean is 600 calories really such a low number? Would some fruit and vegetables hurt your kids? No then get over it. If you feel the need to feed your child a bunch of crap then they don’t get a toy simple as that. Maybe it’s even something to think about at home “no vegetables no toys” sounds good to me.

It’s just a matter of taking responsibility and taking action. Quit feeding your kids garbage America. The best way to stop the obesity epidemic is to teach kids about proper nutrition. Any push in the proper direction is great. The best part is its win win; you get a healthier kid and get to keep your freedom. It’s always going to be better to make the choice ourselves.

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