The Jersey Shore – Mike S Aint So Bad

You know I never thought I’d admit it, but I like Jersey Shore. I’m not sure if it’s like the whole watching a car wreck thing. I never have been a gawker but there is something about the Jersey Shore. Plus laugh all you want, but I think Snooki is kind of hot.

You may ask what this has to do with fat burning. Actually a lot namely Mike Sorrentino otherwise known as the Situation. Love him or hate him the dude is in shape. I’d kill to be anywhere near as fit as that dude. I’m working on it every day I know it will take years though. So my point is anyone looking to burn fat and build muscle should at least have some admiration for the one they call the situation.

Plus there is a bit of love for fellow Italians. It’s funny it seems like most Italians are either buff or fat. That’s not so bad because this sort of body lends itself to packing on the muscle as long as you are willing to do the right fat burning exercises. The problem is the foods I love are not exactly fat burning recipes.

Anyway enough rambling, I gotta say I’m kind of looking forward to this season of The Jersey Shore. Pauly d, Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the cast are quite entertaining to me and I just can’t hate on the Guidos and Guidettes. I think the main reason for all that hatin is a bit of jealousy on most people’s parts.

So here’s to the situation and the killer abs man. One of these days I plan to be that buff once I finally burn all this fat away. Hopefully I’ll have some Guidettes hanging on me.

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