Thintervention on Bravo Weight Loss Show

I think I have a problem. I’m getting hooked on these weight loss shows. I’ve already said I love “Money Hungry” on VH1 that show is great. I am usually working during primetime so I have to be able to catch them onDemand. I was flipping through and found Thintervention on Bravo with Jackie Warner. This show is a full service weight loss deal that includes therapy diet and exercise. As I said I only get to see them onDemand so sometimes I’m a week or two behind. It is unfortunate but there are people on here that have been given a great opportunity and are squandering it. There are others who are doing all they can to get the max out of this.

I’m only on episode 3 I’m watching it right now. My lord the whining is incredible. The two youngest on the show are the most out of shape and the biggest whiners. I can’t do a pull-up “I’m afraid of heights” give me a friggin break. I hope they come around and wake the F up, or just stay fat screw it. Like I said I’m a bit behind so I may be jumping the gun on calling people out. I’ll admit I’ve been full of excuses in my day.

I had not heard of Jackie Warner prior to this, but I am impressed. Admittedly I’m nobody, but I share my opinions any way it’s my fat burning blog. Jackie is tough man. She is passionate and really seems to care about getting these people in shape. That is a great thing without a doubt.

Like I said maybe I’m getting too into the weight loss reality show, I like them though and watch them while I unwind. Anytime people are working to better themselves it is a great thing. Some of the stories on these shows are motivating.
There are also a slew of jackasses on the show that are straight up infuriating. Thintervention on Bravo is definitely not short on jackasses and excuse makers. Losing weight is not easy for anyone period. I’m pretty sure from what I’ve seen thus far that Jackie’s style of training will bring everyone around.

I have to check out The Biggest Loser next I’ve only seen that once or twice. To me it seems like it might be a bit too emotional for my taste. All in all I like Thintervention, Money Hungry is still my favorite.

Here is a trailer for Thintervention on Bravo.

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