Use a Fat Burning Blog to Stay Motivated

I feel a weight loss blog is a great source of accountability. I know that having a place where I need to report my results makes me more accountable when eyeballing some greasy pizza or a donut. If you do not want to go with hosting and setting up a blog on your own there are some great free alternatives out there.

You can set up your weight loss or diet blog or whatever you want to call at or There are numerous other free blog hosting providers out there. Just go set it up and start talking about your own fat burning journey. Whether you are on a traditional diet or one of the fat burning diets doesn’t really matter.

A fat burning blog is also a great place to vent about the obstacles that you face. I know I find myself venting on here every so often.

If a blog is not the ideal solution for you, I have another option that I use. I report my results on Facebook also. I feel using Facebook for this is even more motivational. There is really no anonymity. I’m sure you have friends on Facebook that know you in real life. They will know if you are telling the truth about just how much fat you burned.

If you are searching for that extra bit of motivation to reach your fat burning and weight loss goals, why not try this out? As I said I do both. It really makes me think hard before I have an unscheduled cheat day.

If you are not sure just how to burn the fat and build muscle I have found a great solution that works for me. If you are familiar with this blog you know I repeat this regularly.  I just need people to know. I have researched many fat burning diets and found the one that I feel is the best. Check out the fat burning diet I talk about elsewhere on this blog and you will be well on your way to getting in shape.

As I have discussed accountability, I will update in this post. I have currently lost 75 pounds in the past six months. Keep in mind these are my results and mine alone. No matter what solution you use to lose weight it is a difficult process. Don’t let anyone tell you it is easy. If you put in the effort with a great fat burning system you will see results.

Whatever fat burning system you choose to lose weight good luck you can do it.

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