Weight loss Surgery May Increase Suicide Risk

I have talked about my thoughts on weight loss surgery before on fat burning spot. The latest research shows an increase in rate of suicide for people who have undergone weight loss surgery. It is not a major increase however any increase when it comes to life and death is major. I feel fat burning diets are a better solution.

A report by the American Journal of Medicine showed the increase in risk of suicide among those who had the surgery when compared to the general population. Read more here.

As I have said before I know people who have had bariatric surgery. They lost a great deal of weight, but in the end gained it all back. That is an awful lot to go through to end up back where you started. I would imagine situations like this may at least be a partial cause to this increased suicide incidence.

In fairness I know it works great for many, and has saved many lives. I’m not sure people realize just how much is involved in having the surgery. Perhaps putting that effort into actually following a fat burning diet would be a much better solution.

Taking action now before the need for surgery arises may be a better answer. I’m pretty sure if you do the work yourself you will also feel even better about yourself when you shed the pounds away. I Have found more success than ever using fat burning diets.

I myself have just reached a milestone in my weight loss. I have personally lost 80 pounds in just over six months using fat burning diets. This is the first time I have been below 275 in probably nine years. Obviously I have more work to do. I also know how tough it is to be fat. I mean earlier this year I was at 354 and well on my way to 400. I had pretty much stopped caring.

If you are overweight don’t give up. Before you decide to go with weight loss surgery be sure to do your homework. I can’t imagine going through all of that and in the end being so desperate you feel the need to take your life. Why not try out the fat burning diets I have featured here, and good luck.

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